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I also love doing psychometry, as every object holds energy. I ask people to bring an object that belonged to somebody, living or dead, and we pair them up, and they swap items, and read off the objects. Everything opens up. A big responsibility comes with doing this work. I would read their energy. I would ask myself: Are they married? Do they have kids? Am I getting any names? I would then strike up a conversation with them and test myself to see if I was right.

Two alcoholic drinks within a minute period, and the information begins to flow very intensely. Developing a relationship with your spirit guides can really help you develop all of your intuitive abilities—connect with them constantly and ask them for signs. The default signs are typically:. Coins, as anything metallic is really easy for them to manipulate—like pennies, dimes, nickels.

My dad, who crossed in October, loves to send me dimes. For example, I was in Japan, doing this TV show, which was an incredible experience though very stressful because of the language barrier. It went really well, and I got in a cab to go home from the taping—there was an American dime on the floor of the Japanese cab.

Electrical signals: lights, appliances, empty texts, phone calls from unknown numbers where nobody is on the line, etc. Songs on the radio, playing in stores, etc. License plates: Look for phrases or number sequences that are important. Keep your eyes peeled! Numbers in general, like on receipts, etc. So that you know that it is intentional, ask for something specific, and ask your spirit guides to send you something different than your loved ones. For example, I ask my spirit guides to send me oranges.

They brought me to their retreat to give a talk about the other side in front of six hundred and fifty agents. Needless to say, it was a very intense crowd. I got off the stage, and I asked my spirit guides for an orange if I had honored their message. There was another speaker, and then we broke for lunch. Two thousand oranges. There is a team of light on the other side between your spirit guides, your loved ones, and this god energy—they love you and want to get you on your highest path.

To find and honor the unique gifts—talents, abilities—we each came here with and share them with others. To honor our own light and truths, and in doing that, help others find and honor their gifts and truths, and embrace their highest paths, too. When we do that, we become light workers who are on our highest paths. Our soul purpose is to love and be loved.

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That is what we are here to learn and embrace: love. Love for all things and all people. The path to that is kindness, tolerance, non-judgement. To focus on energy and the interior world, not the materialistic world.

4 Ways the Holy Spirit Works in the Life of a Church Leader + 30 Bible Scriptures to Back it Up!

Ultimately, gratitude, kindness, compassion, and love are the most powerful tools we can use to navigate our soul experience here. True success is not having power over others, but helping build others up. We belong to each other—and ultimately we all rise together. We are all part of each other. Different leaves on different branches of the same tree. We are also here to experience beauty, so be open to art in all forms and learn to recognize and see and experience all things.

Things in the world seem to be shifting—do you believe consciousness is about to crack open? Yes: We are collectively like a plant pushing up from the ground! Even though it seems like a time of turmoil in the world, we are all growing together in the same direction. We are collectively taking a hard look at our beliefs and connections with one another, and we are being challenged to let go of fear, which comes in the form of hate and judgement, and evolve into a more loving consciousness.

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So many things are at work making this happen, it is actually a really exciting time. In addition, we are entering a much more spiritual time, where energy and what is unseen is becoming more and more recognized. Our thoughts matter more than we know. Also, science is going to help show us how energy is real and how our energy affects one another.

The other side has always shown me that quantum physics will help solve the puzzle. Not a physical body! We are all in this together.

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Laura Lynne Jackson is arguably one of the greatest living mediums , certified by both the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute. Q When you read and channel the other side, what do you experience? Q Can you read for yourself, or are you too emotionally invested to hear clearly? Q How do you distinguish between common sense and intuitive knowing—how can one tell if they have secret abilities? A Once you start honoring and recognizing it, life turns kind of magical.

Is there some analytical thinking mixed in? But you are still reading energy. Q What are some basic tips and tools for opening the mind and intuition?

Q What other exercises can people do to tune back in? Q How should one read and interpret signs? Ask the Universe for only safe, positive, and grounding experiences when meditating, praying, and doing any spiritual work. You can set this intention daily and practice feeling your feet firmly grounded on the floor.

My long deceased aunt came to me one afternoon to say I am sorry about Kenny my brother who passed I had not thought of her in at least 15 years. Would she be my guide??? Hi Jean.

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  • This will help you feel grounded and get some clarity. You can also ask your aunt these questions out loud, and check in with your inner guidance. I dont even have to meditate. I just call out to them and they are there. But its beautiful. My only concern is both my guides warn me of deaths in the family and of a friend.

    I am not sure how I should deal with this. Is there a reason why they are telling me this? Continue to set beautiful and healthy boundaries for communication. You can ask your guides to send you only positive information that betters your life and those around you.

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    I have read this article a couple times and it really resonated with me. I got this over whelming warming feeling in my hands that moved up my arms. It was the most amazing thing ever. Thank you for this! I am so happy.

    4 Ways the Holy Spirit Works in the Life of a Church Leader + 30 Bible Scriptures to Back it Up!

    Opening my third eye chakra was to overwlming. Know I know why even before I was in highschool I just suddenly caught my self talking to my own self like giving me an answer to my own question and know I really know it was them, and those sparkling white or like light yellow time to time that i thought like from the fairies movies people told me before that maybe I had eye problem as suddenly i see those sparkling dots around me and yes I can feel in presence as wll someone I feel cold in my head that someone is touching my head..

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    Thank you for your time. Hi Kayla! Thanks for showing up here.