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Self-Working Mental Magic

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Fulves is most well-known for his "Self-Working" book series from Dover. He published three more issues and then at issue in October stated "The bird will be fondly laid to rest. He also started another periodical called Epilogue from until In , Joseph K. Schmidt submitted Fulves a coin flourish complete with illustrations. The contribution was published in Volume 5, Issue 10 of Pallbearers. Fulves was very impressed with Schmidt's artistic abilities and, coincidentally, was looking for an artist to illustrate some of the lengthier routines.

He asked Schmidt to illustrate an effect called Canterbury Cups and Schmidt agreed. Fulves and Schmidt's relationship grew. Fulves was the first person to refer to Schmidt as an "artist". Schmidt has illustrated over 75 books, manuscripts and booklets for Fulves, including Swindle Sheet, Cheat Sheet, Rigmarole, and Verbatim. Shortly after concluding Pallbearers and Epilogue he announced the birth of a new periodical, The Chronicles Limited to 36 issues, The Chronicles took from to to complete, and during those ten years, some of the finest close-up magic of the period was explained in its pages.

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